Biologics and MAP

 My view on the role of biologics has taken a 180; while I once viewed these immune suppressors as less than desirable, now I have a full appreciation for their role in aiding those with illness.

I will tell you that without biologics I would be dead, if the first time I desperately needed them didn’t take me out, surely the second time came close. So close that I was rejected to take part in a clinical trial for biologics and CD. Rejected. In other words, the pharmaceutical company did not want a death to report with their trial. My GI stated she “never had anyone rejected” along with I had “the worst colon” she “had ever seen.”

Biologics work by suppressing a monster inside of me that I had no idea was there until recently – MAP.

Now that I have a better understanding of MAP (mycobacterium avium subs. paratuberculosis), I have an increased knowledge of how this bacteria works. In the medical community, it has been recognized that biologics can suppress MAP, however they do not suppress MAP in everyone infected. Much the same as everyone with Ulcerative Colitis/Crohn’s Disease may not have MAP.

There are documented studies where combo therapy was used to treat fistulizing CD, incorporating short durations with biologics, hyberbaric oxygen and traditional anti-MAP antibiotics. The results speak for themselves – most study participants achieved long-term remission and healing of fistulae, maintained to this day.

The role of biologics is to suppress the immune system, best-case scenario, stopping systemic inflammation caused by the immune system inadvertently attacking itself. This happens in MAP infected patients because the immune system does not recognize MAP as it has no cell wall. It goes completely unnoticed. MAP is a foreign invader, an opportunistic Trojan causing havoc within the body; biologics suppress the bacteria, limiting its sleuth like abilities to further cause harm within its human host. As wonderful as this suppression is, it only band-aids the problem as MAP is not eradicated unless combined with anti-MAP therapies. Biologics alone cannot kill MAP.

Unfortunately, biologics do not suppress every case of MAP, nor are they effective with every case of Ulcerative Colitis/Crohn’s. By a miracle and with lots of prayer warriors syncing on my behalf, biologics worked and still work for me. Without the prayers of my family, church family, friends and people I’ve never met, biologics may not have suppressed the bacteria methodically killing me.

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