Astoundingly Simple 1

I am under the care of GI#7, aka Magnificent 7 or M7; to convey that I have the echoing’s of life without Colitis/Crohn’s Disease makes me wish to stand on a lushly green mountain top and shout to the world of my miracle! While M7 has not promised such deliverance, mounting evidence proves it is possible for long-term remission minus medications in some cases. Such a plethora of info to share at this latest junction! However, I must first complete my story thus.

When one ceases to try and control their life/health, that becomes the moment of acceptance which imbues a labyrinth of recovery. Sometimes, when we least expect, God presses our reset button. He is a good, good Father. Cautious optimism is allowed to seep in, a miniscule amount at a time. Life without Ulcerative Colitis/Crohn’s Disease, chronic or life threatening illnesses, or at least a life minus horrible medications is something we’ve been told was not possible. Lest we believe?

It’s curious how teachers come into our lives; this is twofold of my journey towards recovery. My friend Boyd and I were discussing life one day; he’s one of the few I chose to reveal Colitis/Crohn’s Disease. He’s given witty guidance and has been there during my treks from GI #’s 5 – present. During one such conversation, he challenged me to not accept the establishment answers and prognosis about these autoimmune diseases, bacterial infections, but to dig deeper and find alternatives to my care, other schools of thought if you will.

You see, while my symptoms were somewhat controlled, I was still sick and I displayed long-term textbook reactions to the biologics. I was desperate and I needed help. During this trek, I was educated to the fact that Ulcerative Colitis/Crohn’s Disease can be caused by fungi and/or bacteria, which may thrive in a genetically immune deficient host – not solely a result of the much-touted over active immune system theory. Sounds astoundingly simple, right?

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