My Journey Continues

Penning anything about myself is an unusual endeavor as I am extremely private; revealing myself to the world is something I feel God is leading me to do, in hopes to not only help others, but magnify Himself. Without Him, we are nothing. Without Him, I would not be writing.

Being candid about my struggles has to be viewed from the outside looking in; instead of seeing my experiences through a personal magnascope, I must swivel and realize that this is like a detergent for others facing similar difficulties. The abhorrence of appearing like a victim, or having a woe is me mentality if I share too much, is replaced with the cleansing realization that I can identify with many others; my struggle may or may not match yours, however we are all sondering in one direction or another.

As I forge onward with these musings intertwined with my story, I feel it only best to give you a preview into what my life is like at this very moment. The most imposing issues now are fatigue and insomnia – that’s it! I am maintaining weight, cognitive functioning is replacing brain fog and short-term memory loss; cramps are a bit less, my olfactory system has the cogs turning once again and the drug induced lupus symptoms are beginning to leave, ever so slowly. Precious pooch has a precious new bestie named Kiwi and the therapy these two dogs present is a comforting balm. Progress is being made!


Don’t worry about what other people think. write whats important to you. Theres lots of useful info in your posts and sometimes its just nice to hear other people going through similar events that can understand you.


Hi IBD-Mama! I appreciate your comment and am elated to know you find my posts useful; having this community of encouragement is truly comforting and I look forward to reading more of your posts as well!

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