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As mentioned, the straw with GI#6 had been weakening, let me further explain; up until recently I was taking 6mp (chemo in a pill) daily, trusting GI#6 protocol to help “manage” my Crohn’s Disease and Colitis. I ignored my body alarms to the 6mp, which included: new and extreme sensitivities to loud noises, bright lights, large crowds and being easily overwhelmed.

Those significant changes perplexed me, yet I validated their existence with the need to endure the side effects of a medication which was prescribed to “help” me. The sad thing is, I didn’t realize how dangerous the situation was until 2016, when my life began to change, yet again!

I went 3 days without taking 6mp, I simply forgot to order them (memory issues remained still). I remember going to celebrate the birthday of the guy I dated, with his family; I was physically present, that’s it. He had a large family and I was overwhelmed by all the activity and noise most families make when celebrating. Before 6mp, I would’ve been in the middle of everything, with video camera. However, this time was different.

The family dog had taken residence on my lap and I was on the couch. The family moved to the birthday cake laden kitchen table to sing Happy Birthday, accompanied by bazookas and boisterous kid cheer. The noise left me immobile; all I could do was sit and watch from across the room, with the dog on my lap, which was oddly comforting. As the family sang, I didn’t know whether to run, hold my hands over my ears or ask them to be quiet, which you don’t do at a birthday party. I remember the celebrant’s mom looking over to me while they were singing, all I could do was return her wondering yet conclusive gaze; I can only imagine what she was thinking.

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