Gazing towards Mt. Olympus

GI#6 was the most attentive of any I had been under the care of. She called to check on me, scheduled regular office visits/labs and displayed genuine compassion. She never made me feel rushed during appointments, taking time to listen to my questions/concerns and responding while taking detailed notes. During one of the last office visits, I was having dermatological side effects from the biologic (consistent red face, patches of flaking, itchy, painful skin, inner nostril sores, toe nail fungus, rashes, folliculitis, varicose vein development) and I had developed two more fistulae (while being on biologics and chemo for 2.5 years). These side effects made me feel truly accomplished, the epitome of woman, a female golden Adonis with four toenails doused in jock itch cream, covered with band aids, daring to stand out in a hot pair of sandals to complete a distinguished look.

Being female and asking a store employee where is the jock itch cream, is a feat; meeting the perplexed gaze of the cashier while paying for this elixir births not only confidence but pinnacled levels of self esteem. My astoundingly beautiful mom has accompanied me on such trips; together, we ride the wave of annoyingly crucial pharmacy aisle runs, in wonderment of why jock itch cream is not available in economy size. My dad has learned to respond not to such conversations between mom and me. He is a genius.

GI#6 examined and explained the side effects were related to the biologic, referred me to a dermatologist and advised I make an appointment with my brilliant colo-rectal surgeon about the new additions to my fistulae family. At that point I wanted to run to my mailbox and gleefully tie one blue and one pink ribbon to its post, proclaiming to the world and all ships at sea of my new twins, one on either side; fistulae are as competitive as any Olympian.


They are the Evil Twins!!!

Yes, there’s always a celebration on their “End”!

A definet Olympian you are…..you deserve the gold in “managing to smile and encourage others while sharing your medical moments”!!

I’ve learned to laugh at myself during this journey – there are some medical moments a person just cannot make up!

You always AMAZE me with your colorful wording. I enjoy every email. I’m sure others are impressed. May God continue to guide and give you healing.

Thank you, Ray! Your words of encouragement are much appreciated!

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