My experience with this different biologic had been quite favorable – it handed back my life, for 2 years! GI#6 explained it was not as aggressive as the previous biologic, but “should” work nonetheless. I liked that approach – give myself time to adjust to this new medication versus stomping my body into submission. My system, thank the Lord above, did adjust, accepting the biologic; not long after, my life threatening Crohn’s and Colitis flare went into remission!

If you can imagine living in a cave, warmed by a faint fire, tasting only dry dirt, accompanied with no energy to rise, this is how life in a severe flare is. You become so accustomed to living in deficit that it becomes the norm and you really do not realize how bad off you are. Then one day, an unexpected event happens and you find yourself with energy enough to rise and walk out of that cave, and with pristine determination to never look back.

There were a few bumps in the road during the adjustment period – I experienced severe stomach aches which lasted exactly 24 hours after dosage, during which time I could do not much other than lie in a ball for the full 24 hours. Those eventually dissipated; I developed adult acne, light-headedness, and while my energy levels laboriously increased, that increase eventually topped out; I was still easily fatigued and there was no change in the fistulae. Over time my weight somewhat reappeared, minus overall swelling as experienced with the previous biologic. Vibrant threads of hope were sown into my psyche as I realized that I was going to be ok.

Once again, I experienced the feeling of being full because food actually remained in my system long enough to be absorbed! I began to crave and savor food as part of the welcome internal rebuilding process; while I strictly adhered to my diet, here and there I would splurge and pay the price. I learned fast to not play! My diet was mainly plain chicken and carbs such as rice and a variety of potatoes; eventually I could tolerate onions, then garlic, followed by avocados and sometimes bananas and finally an occasional smearing of mayonnaise. Paul advised numerous times to avoid mayonnaise – wise man! Chips, hummus, oatmeal, dried or fresh herbs and raw foods aggravated my system; gluten, dairy, corn and soy were no-no’s. I shied from spicy foods (and still do), fresh fruit, fresh vegetables unless cooked until soft and most condiments. How I missed pickles and fresh salads, but I could have olives and hard cheeses. My tastebuds joined in the wake fest and I no longer felt like an emaciated sack of bones waiting desperately for the fall of rain.

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