Dad Casting

In the genesis, GI#6 was a blessing; let me divulge my history of seton placements, exams under anesthesia, MRI’s, CT scans, bone density, needles, labs, and the singing side effect of anesthesia, which I am predisposed to experience. You know you’ve lived when the hospital staff and nurses recognize you in the OR. Sometimes I wondered which end they recognized more. If it was available, I had had it, plus a few chipped teeth from the tube down the throat. I had become the poster child for those side effects, which “normally don’t happen”.

The first thing GI#6 did was to order labs to see if 6mp was detrimental, shaking her head that GI#5 had never mentioned nor ordered labs specific to 6mp. She performed a thorough 2-hour exam and asked more questions than any previous GI. I agreed to take part in pre-screening for clinical trial of another biologic to treat the Crohn’s Disease and Colitis flare. Between prednisone and continued 6mp, I limped along for another month during the pre-screening process of labs, questionnaires, journaling and daily rating symptoms in order of severity. After that intensive month in 2015, the day came for my follow up appointment to begin the clinical trial!

My weight was 98 lbs. By now, I had moved back in with my parents (who are like a giant bowl of ice cream with colorful sprinkles to me). The guy I dated came to visit and take me to the appointment, where I was to begin participation in the trial medication; he was anticipating good news as much as I. Taking part in a trial had benefits if I was not given a placebo. Labs and procedures were covered, plus medication and doctor office visits. We had hopes that taking part in this trial would be the turn around I needed; I once again thought how nice it would be to live a semi normal life, yet knowing I would never return to the previous version of myself I once knew. I was relieved to not have to worry about how to pay for my care; it all made sense and I was ready to cast my reel into this open ocean.

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