She drove away

 Being a porter was fun; I crossed paths with all kinds of interesting people, my boss brought wit and 100% dry British humor to most days! My immediate co-workers, for the most part were eclectic mixes of sarcasm and caring jovial spirits. I learned routes, customer names and drove past the ocean daily! It was nice to work on a close-knit team. Before long, I considered them friends and would do things for comic relief such as taping toilet paper to the underside of my heel and nonchalantly walking through the service area.

One morning I woke with a tinge in my back, I thought nothing of it and went about my day. Over the next few days the tinge worsened and I recognized the all too familiar symptoms of a disc bulge in the usual spot. Realizing the ramifications of such an injury, I re-evaluated my routine of getting in and out of the cars at the dealership, making sure to move my torso simultaneous as I swung my legs in and out; too late for such ergonomics. Being the gifted in denial human I am, I began taking naproxen, as instructed by a GI nurse. I continued to work and not long after, went into full-blown Colitis Crohn’s Disease flare to top the joy laden disc bulge. Apparently, naproxen is on the do not call list for those with bowel insecurities. I remember being in the bathroom at work, hearing my name paged and not being able to do anything but remain, feet glued to the floor. This was no good because I was needed; it was my job to move the cars to the service area and shuttle patrons. My compassionate, uber understanding, willing to work with me boss assigned me to desk duty since my previous duties were not feasible; he did his best to help me maintain my job. I reached the point of not being able to eat at work and sitting was a joke since the fistulae decided to not be outdone by their higher status cousins of degenerative disc disease and colonic mayhem. Fistulae have such egos. Eventually, I began missing work, had to resign that position, and break yet another lease.

On top of that, after 10 short years, my Volvo (the Gem) reached the point of no return, with over 205,000 miles; I didn’t blame her for being on her last wheel. The Gem, Raven and I had traversed much of the South together, carrying passengers from all over the world, some in kilts, others in pimped out leisure suits & elf ears and on occasion, a genius! The three of us had entertained others and ourselves quite at our leisure; this old car with upgraded sound system (I miss those subwoofers) had proven her worth many times over. However, when you reach the point of choosing between fixing your car or buying groceries/medication, one outweighs the other. The Gem found a new owner, specializing in European cars and I watched her drive away, not breaking to look back, with her new mechanic doctor owner. Part of my psyche drove away that moment too. Pooch and I headed the opposite direction; away from the ocean life I had meticulously pieced together, including new boyfriend and slowly throttled back home to my parents, whose open arms could not come soon enough.


Judy Wanamaker

This one was a little harder to read. I was pulling so hard for you to be able to stay in your happy life style. Prayers continue. Have a happy Thanksgiving, Krista! ♥

Thank you, Judy! A slow go but things improve, I promise. Happy Thanksgiving!♥♥

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