Translucent Existence

 For a while I had few Crohn’s or Colitis symptoms, yet the memory issues still were present. Desiring to stay in this eclectic, beachside town, I searched incessantly for work and once again, God opened a job for me and with a Godsend of a boss. I became a porter for a car dealership! I also helped with simple paperwork; in the process I met a roommate and was able to bring my pooch to join this latest adventure! We lived 10 minutes from a dog friendly beach, almost daily pooch and I walked to a popular fishing spot near a marina, often spotting methodical, slow moving manatee, playful dolphins and lively fish jumping above the brackish water. Having rarely witnessed marine life, pooch gazed with wonder as she watched this dimension of maritime existence. Our quiet street was tree lined, with colorful, well-kept old houses and fresh ocean air – paradise hidden.

One day pooch and I were on our usual afternoon jaunt, down narrow, Spanish moss laden lanes after a storm and passed a smiling, white haired lady with eyes full of mischief, and rolled down socks visible below the hem of her button up, white dress. She stood at the corner of a fence and watched us pass, giving a wave and kindly smile, as if she lived in the old Victorian house behind her; for awhile I wondered if she was an angel or apparition for her frailty gave an essence of translucence; much later I learned that there was a nearby nursing home. I’m guessing she had broken free, past the staff in her great escape towards her own past dimensions; I wondered if she had a psyched, elderly entourage in tow that aborted their part of the mission once they reached the point of no return – the outside doors. Rebels.


Great reading and so exciting as your story unfolds. God bless you as you share.

Thank you, Ray! Happy Thanksgiving!

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