MAP was there

 Biologics were a Godsend, for quite awhile; however I wish that one of the many specialists I had seen had mentioned MAP (mycobacterium avium subs. paratuberculosis), that I might have it and that it may be responsible for causing my Colitis/Crohn’s Disease. Such was not to be the case and so I continue. I maintained a healthy weight and had a decent amount of energy – enough that I was blessed to begin working again. My Pooch and I packed our things and moved to a new city.

Easing into contentment with a somewhat challenging yet enjoyable job, easy relationship and fair town to live in, I decided biologics were the answer we prayed for, despite being concerned with the side effects I researched. For me, contentment has always been short lived, call it my nomadic tendencies or motto of “my bags are always packed;” this was a cause for pause at where I was in life. Pooch was happy, I was happy and my landlord was a trip. My relationship was smooth and I was not asked to choose between him and my pooch. It would’ve been futile anyway for pooch “always wins!”

I feel the need to reiterate how important it is to explore all of your options with your Crohn’s and or Colitis treatment. If I had known about the possibility that I suffered from a bacterial infection (MAP) vs. over active auto immune system, I would have explored that route and possibly saved myself 6 years of tumultuous ups and down, undue suffering (my family and myself) and feeling like a guinea pig. MAP was there, mapping out my body for future launches, yet I didn’t know it. The biologics worked in my case because they suppressed MAP; biologics cannot destroy this invading organism, but sometimes will send it packing to the deep recesses of the bowel, lymph nodes, adipose to lounge with its chill playlist and wait for the next opportunity to come out of hiding. Be your own advocate. If your GI won’t explore options with you, find one who will. Don’t you owe that to yourself?

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