Battle Ready!

One Day in Auld Reekie

Soon after, I had my first biologics infusion; to say I was apprehensive was an understatement yet I knew the alternative so I heeded my GI’s advice and began aggressive treatment. Years earlier, Mark, my friend and Iraq War Veteran from UK, had painted war paint on our faces and coached me until I perfected the look of “battle readiness”. He mentioned I might need it one day – his sixth sense was right on! In retrospect I should’ve painted all our faces the day my parents and I headed out the door for my first treatment; it would’ve made for a memorable day for everyone.

The super administering nurse noticed the cheery pool float – turned donut I brought to sit on, and confidently said that before long I wouldn’t need it (for a while she was right)! She was encouraging about the whole infusion process and results. I talked with another Crohn’s patient there for her first infusion and was amazed that she could eat potato chips, and not be bothered. After infusion, I felt quite better and about 3 days later I saw signs of progress. Awhile later the pain and cramps began to lessen; I cautiously allowed myself to believe that I was not sentenced to a poor quality of life. During next infusion, I spoke with another Crohn’s Disease patient who described himself with actually having a life after biologics, happily stating that he “felt like he could lift a car” after his very first infusion. This disease is indeed hellish, and to finally have relief is monumental to anyone with Ulcerative Colitis and/or Crohn’s Disease. My superb parents commented that I looked better after that first treatment!

A good while into biologics, I remember my self-less mom sitting with me one day; she had bought GF pizza crusts and sautéed ground beef with onions and garlic and made white pizza for me (I could not tolerate tomato in any form). I ate like there was no tomorrow, she marveled and commented how glad she was to see me with an appetite, and able to eat something besides pureed vegetables or broth.

A note about food sensitivities, you the patient know your body best so listen to and respect how your body reacts to triggers. I began having reactions to gluten a few months before diagnosis, now I strictly consume GF, lactose free only foods and no beef. When I could afford it I was tested for food sensitivities, a test well worth the cost; for someone who may not know what ails them, I suggest being tested, otherwise common sense is the best alternative – avoid food triggers at all costs. Respect the signals your body gives – both good and bad, for we are granted this one life and we must make the most of it. You owe it to yourself. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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Judy Wanamaker

Glad to know this helps. Prayers continue for healing.

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