Home Sweet Home

 Eventually, the Erythema Nodosum dissipated. The day I was released from hospital was December 23. I was quite happy to be home with family for this birthday celebration; I imagine my parents raced down the interstate for me. Their delight when they came into my room was contagious; they came to bring their grown baby girl home, and the looks on their beautiful, and much welcomed faces as they entered my room, are ones I will indelibly forever remember.

I don’t recall much about that Christmas, only how my family surrounded and prayed for me, mirroring the way I felt with their eyes. My infectiously delightful nieces and nephews just did not know how to react, seeing their once independent “go getter auntie”, sourced to a chair, with life barely etched into my persona. Our friend Mark visited, and described me as looking like “death warmed over.” My ever protective, watchful brothers, having known me one way all their lives, now saw someone they didn’t really recognize. Those few I kept within my circle championed around me, quietly rallying for me to keep trying. I could’ve cried. God, in His immense mercy, chose to spare me, and bless me with a loving, supportive family and a place to call home. Along with celebrating Jesus birthday – a miracle on its own, a new miracle – another chance at living was just around the corner!


Judy Wanamaker

Your journey has been long and rough. I am so glad that you have been blessed with such a wonderful support group. My prayers continue.

Prayers are pinnacle in a world of suffering where many people’s journeys are long and rough. There is Hope!

God is so good! Love to read about your journey and how God has touched your body. Praise God for your awesome loving family. Each new day brings us challenges but we know who will help us meet it head on.
Proverbs 18:10 The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

Agreed, God is so good. Thank you for sharing the fitting Proverb!

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