All Aboard for Abroad

 Those treasured days abroad were spent with fearless me, schlepping a pair of heavy suitcases, wandering a country where I knew no one, yet would come to meet my extended family. Travelling as a single woman was rarely daunting, I was street smart and played it safe. The trains were a splendid mode of travelling cross-country and I often rode the rails, talking with locals plus international visitors. No one was surprised at lone travelers; I learned how popular backpacking had become with nomads and seekers.

I recall standing in a lone turret one sunny afternoon, overlooking the North Sea, amazed at the immensity of this cold yet familiar ocean, as waves lapped over one another in timeless fashion. I wanted to capture this moment in time to share with my family back home. I marveled at the sandy beach in front of, and green grass around the turret; I wondered about past inhabitants, guards, tiny princes and princesses, make believe or real, who in centuries past peered out this same window. I imagined what they thought, what they wore, if they were at ease, or forever knotted in protection mode or treachery of a voluminous extent. I imagined this turret being a secret meeting place of various people for a multitude of reasons. I was so caught up in this mind play that I didn’t notice a friendly couple coming towards me with their two curious dogs – heads down sniffing, tails wagging, in sheer anticipation of new scents and a new person to sniff. The dogs were excited too. It was refreshing to return to reality, realizing that despite the past being history, we are still mortally connected to its lessons, its mysteries and that we cannot destroy.


Judy Wanamaker

What a beautiful memory to savor!

I never planned to pen my travels yet the mindset to keep them private is absent; I am quite chuffed to share with my beautiful readers!

Awesome report. It was so real and I could visualize your journey.

What incredible times those were; God created us with a memory bank for more multiple reasons!

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